If you are visiting this page, you have most likely decided to apply to Business School. Now, the real challenge starts!

Have you thought about what will help your application stand out versus the stiff global competition aiming to secure a place at your dream school? What approach will truly raise the bar and set YOU apart from the huge applicant pool? Can you make it to the top ranked global MBA programs without having attended a prestigious undergraduate program? How do you make up for the lack of international work experience? How do you align your background, achievements and future goals to make the admission committee say- “Well, here is a future business leader!”

At Eduedge, we provide specific, specialized, and personalized inputs which shape your application into a truly inspirational and compelling read!

Our end to end services help you Gain the EDGE:

  • Pre-application strategy: We spend a lot of time with our clients to understand their story, their background and their aspirations to shortlist schools which would be the ideal fit. After initial brainstorming sessions, we tell you the most effective and impactful way to position your profile.
  • Essays: This is by far the most crucial aspect of your MBA application. The essays give you an opportunity to showcase a side of you which your CV doesn’t reflect. So, think big and be creative! You will be working with some of the best consultants and content specialists in the industry. At Eduedge, you will take a leap in storytelling as we help you craft a story and build a narrative around your long-term goals and their potential impact on society if you succeed.
  • Resume: Most resumes read like dull job descriptions. We help bring out your leadership traits, your academic potential, your achievements and their impact on the business succinctly. Whilst helping you create B-School specific CVs, we strive for a fine balance between showcasing your technical and behavioural skills.
  • Letter of Recommendation strategy: Our customised templates will help your recommender write the most impactful letters. In our experience, a great LOR can really swing admission decisions in your favour!
  • Ding Analysis: The acceptance rate at the most prestigious B-Schools is anywhere between 7-15 percent. Many deserving applicants crack their dream school in the second (sometimes even third) attempt. If you are a reapplicant, the first step must be a comprehensive analysis of what went wrong last year, and which areas of your application need a revamp. We conduct a robust ding analysis and lay out a strategic roadmap for you.